Whether this is your first time buying a property or not, it is always a tense process. Each viewing is usually accompanied by the selling brokers who only promote the interests of the seller. What should you pay attention to? What is a property worth? What questions should you ask? For advice and answers to all your questions, we recommend you bring in a private independent advisor, who is wholly on your side. Where you might give the reins to your emotions under the pressure of the current market, we remain rational. We ensure that you purchase a property that is worth your money.


If you choose IdealEstate Housing Consultancy, you will be the first to know of the latest housing offers that fit your specific needs. During the viewings, we will together perform a highly critical inspection of the condition of the property. Because the last thing you want is unexpected moisture problems or indoor collapsing. We also advise you on the possibilities for creating added value.


If you wish to purchase the property, we will negotiate on your behalf. If we agree with the seller, we will go over the deed of sale with you before we visit the civil-law notary to sign it. Do any issues or questions crop up after the purchase? You can still count on us. We are and remain your first point of contact for all your questions.

IdealEstate Housing Consultancy works with competitive rates and you can choose to commission a partial service. Are you interested in a property and do you only require help negotiating? Yet another option we offer.

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