1. Property inspection During a visit to your property, we map out its most important features and specifics. We then jointly determine the letting strategy, the targeted demographic and the asking price. Thanks to our local market knowledge and access to current transaction data on local rental prices, we can determine a rental price in line with current market practices. After you sign the contract for services, we schedule an appointment for the photographer. We also write the texts for the advertisement.
  2. Promotion Online promotion: your property is offered on our website and various national and international rental websites with a large reach (Funda, Pararius, Only Expats, IamExpat, expatrentals.eu). We also actively employ social media. Offline promotion: using a bi-weekly mailing, we promote your property in our extensive (international) network.
  3. Match We actively search for a suitable tenant. Once we find a candidate who fits your requirements, we first approach you for evaluation. We only schedule a viewing after receiving your approval. We also inform the candidate on the conditions for renting the property prior to the viewing.
  4. Viewing As each candidate deserves time and attention, we do not offer an ‘open house’ but only work with private appointments. Viewings after working hours and in the weekends are possible. If a candidate indicates their wish to rent the property after the viewing, this should be done in writing (via email), together with the required documents for screening.
  5. Proposing candidate tenant The rental proposal and profile sketch of the candidate are sent to you by email for inspection and can be further clarified telephonically. If you approve of both the rental proposal and the tenant, we will inform the candidate. If the proposal deviates from the requested conditions, we may respond with a counter proposal after consulting with you. We take an advisory role and mediate between both parties. However, we emphasize that the final decision always lies with you. Once we have come to an oral agreement, we ask the tenant to sign a declaration of intent. After receiving a signed declaration of intent, we draw up the tenancy agreement.
  6. Tenancy agreement We draw up the tenancy agreement (in both Dutch and English) and send it to you for inspection/approval. After your approval, we send it to the tenant for inspection. If the tenant also approves, the agreement can be signed. After signing, an agreement is made regarding commissioning/the key exchange. The tenant transfers the security deposit and rent to us before the commissioning. After receiving the sums, we transfer the total amount to you, minus our commission.
  7. Condition at start of lease The commissioning/key exchange only takes places once the sums have been transferred by the tenant and have been credited to our account. Using an extensive inspection report and photo report (supplemented with an inventory list, if applicable), we assess the condition of your property both when the lease period commences and terminates. This inspection report is signed by both parties. During the lease period you are the first point of contact for your tenant in case of technical maintenance, unless you have commissioned our technical property management.
  8. Condition at end of lease Your property is inspected during the key exchange. If your property is no longer in the same condition as at the start of lease, the tenant will be approached. Costs that do not fall under normal usage may be (partially) recovered from the tenant. The security deposit should be returned to the tenant within 2 months following the end of the lease.
  9. Re-letting If the lease is cancelled (interim), we will look for a new tenant in joint consultation. To prevent vacancy (and thus, costs), we make agreements with the leaving tenant(s) for viewings. This often allows us to find a new tenant even before the old tenant has left.

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