1. Meeting and sales strategy First, we will visit you to become acquainted and to discuss your needs and our possibilities. This meeting is noncommittal. We look at the key features of the property to determine its value, discuss the sales strategy that best fits the market and your own wishes, and we advise you on the presentation of your property. After this meeting, the broker will start and develop a sales proposal. You will receive the proposal within a few days.
  2. Collecting information We then draw up a sales file together with you. This file will contain all the relevant information on your property and any Homeowners’ Association. The broker will do cadastral research and request documents from the archive if needed. This allows us to present all the required information to the purchasing party.
  3. Presentation A professional photographer visits to photograph your property and create a video (optional) for the best online presentation. We also create an interactive floor plan with accompanying NEN 2580 measuring certificate.
  4. Online We provide a tasteful presentation with an appealing sales text. We publish it on the large Dutch housing websites such as Funda, Huislijn.nl, Pararius and our own website. Your property is also presented on social media to expose it to as many potential buyers as possible.
  5. The viewing An exciting step. We welcome the interested parties, take our time for the guided tour and answer all their questions.
  6. The negotiations During this phase, we do everything in our power to ensure the highest purchase sum as well as the most favourable sales conditions for you. In the current market, we sell many properties based on so-called ‘offer by deadline’, which means that multiple interested parties make a single final offer. Out of this pool, we select the most appealing offer for you and so you are always ensured to make the best feasible deal.
  7. The deed of sale If we come to an agreement, the next step is signing the deed of sale. The buyer chooses the civil-law notary and we ensure that the notary receives all the required information on time. We inspect the deed of sale and read it through with you before signing it. Of course, we are also present during the signing at the civil-law notary. After all, this is always a special moment!
  8. Resolutive conditions Does the deed contain resolutive conditions? Then we will keep in touch with the buyer and ensure that everything proceeds on time and in line with the agreements. This leaves you without a worry.
  9. The transfer of property A few days before the key exchange, you receive the concept of the title deed with the accompanying final invoice. We also inspect these documents and read through them with you before they are signed. After the final inspection of the property, we visit the civil-law notary for the commissioning and the key exchange.
  10. Key exchange and questions In case of any questions after the key exchange, we are always at your service.

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